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Ch'an Wu Yi

Authentic Lineage 

Shifu Kumar is a 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple who has received diksha from the venerable Abbot  of the Songshan Shaolin Temple (China) , Shi Yongxin. He has learn't the traditional techniques of  Shaolin kungfu from reknownes masters and specialises in Jingang Quan and Sansou .

He continues to sharpen his skills and regularly trains at the Shaolin Temple, he is privileged to be a student of respected Yan Zhuang  - the instructor of Shaolin Kungfu Monks Corps and Master Wu Yin.


Amitofu Amitofu Amitofu.

Is an extention of Indian and Chinese beliefs the foundations of which were laid by Bhadra  a revered Indian monk. As the founder of the Shaolin Temple (495 AD) he is an outstanding example of that the Shaolin Culture is the outcome of China’s cultural exchange with other countries, namely India. Later Bodhidharma Bodhidharma also an Indian monk more populary known as DaMO established the Chan branch and secured the lofty position of the Shaolin Temple as Chinas’ first Ch'an monastery.


There are training programs to meet the needs for all kinds of students here. Prior training is not a pre requisite. All you need to be is of 18 years of age and above. Each program is personally developed and under the tutelage of Shi Yan Xiang (Shifu Kumar).

The School offers a wide range of training programs spanning from the core training of Shaolin Kungfu to fitness regimes like shaolin Abs Workout. To support these regimes there are at the disposal of students all weapons, weight training machines, equipment and much more.

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Arhat Monks Shaolin Temple
Arhat Monks Shaolin Temple


Shaolin Kungfu

The roots Is a system developed by monks after years of analysis and research on the self . It is a humbling experience, that bridges the gap between the Body, Mind and Soul. It breaks the dogma of the past to recreate the self and to live life as you intent it. To arrive at your real true nature. It is not just a practice of Wu (martial arts) but a way of life that requires dedication and embodying the shaolin tradition; of love and respect for those torch bearers who have kept the essence alive.

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The roots of Shaolin Kung fu are deeply embedded in Ch’an. Ch’an is simply a direct pathway into yourself into the truth. It is not a religion or a philosophy , it cannot be explained but the clue lies in emptiness. The truth is not acquired through practice, but practice through the understanding. It is the birth right of every human being. The union of ch’an and wu is Shaolin kungfu.

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The Qi is synonymous  for prana urja or vital force . In every culture it is a common belief that in the human body is the miniature replica of the universe which is driven by energy. Qi is that inexhaustible resource of universal energy and like all forms of energy it can be utilised, created and cultivated. Similarly un-harnessed it stagnates. The system of cultivation using breath and movement to balance qi is qigong. It is the differentiating factor of Shaolin Kungfu. 

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The ultimate fighting fist is the union of the Yin and Yang. The Shaolin Taija - Chen is characterised by static internal power movements followed by faster pace movements. The roots of it lie in Wuji the timeless pose. The training of it includes five elements, neigong, qigong, tuishou  and sanshou . The practitioners of it boast of youthfulness and longevity.


Scientific exercises to get six pack abs without injury or pain. Here we propagate no pain all gain. Perseverance and dedication is the only motto.


A supple body is a youthful body. Listen to your body and understand it. Scientific ways to achieve strong and flexible body without injury. Perseverance and dedication is the key. 


A specialized short course to face your fears for individuals with less time to devout to training. Be confident in every situation. Body and mind balance. More Qi Train Harder

Pillars of Shaolin Kungfu

- Abbot of Shaolin Temple China -
Shi Yongxin

The Venerable Shi Yongxin is the current Abbot of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. He took office as the Shaolin Temple Abbot in 1999 after a long study as a monk at the Shaolin Temple and other monasteries. He became the thirtieth successor and is the chairman of Henan Province Buddhists Association, vice-chairman of China's Buddhist Association, representative of Ninth National People's congress and also the first Chinese monk ever to get a MBA degree.

- Pillars of Shaolin Kungfu -
18 Arhat Monks 

The The roots of 18 Fundamental Techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu are from the Luohan series. The name Luohan, the Chinese equivalent of the Sanskrit (Indian) word Arhat, refers to those who have achieved enlightenment. It is the ultimate goal of every shaolin monk.

Monthly Plan

Rs 6400 per Month
  • Shaolin Kungfu and Tai Chi
  • Thrice a week
  • Access to in-house training facilities
  • Excludes registration and uniform

Monthly Plan

Rs 5000 per month
  • Shaolin Kungfu , Qigong and Tai Chi
  • Twice a week classes
  • Access to in-house training facilities
  • Excludes registration and uniform

Weekend Plan

Rs 1000 per class
  • Shaolin kungfu Workshop
  • Shaolin Stretching & Strengthening Workouts
  • Shaolin Abs & Body Sculpting Workouts
  • Access to in-house training facilities

- Opening -

Monday: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 9:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Friday: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:30pm
Sunday: close

- Academy -

Damo Shaolin Kung fu School
139 First Floor
Shahpurjat New Delhi
110049 P.O. Box 3307
Tel: +91 - 9711308746 /981164786
Web: www.damoshaolin.com www.songshanshaolintemple.com

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Damo Shaolin Kung Fu School

139 First Floor
Shahpurjat New Delhi
110049. India

(t) 9711308746
(t) 9811964786

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Damo Shaolin Kung Fu School

139 First Floor
Shahpurjat New Delhi
110049. India

(t) 9711308746
(t) 9811964786

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